The LIFE Endeavor™, The Learning Initiative for Financial Education, is an industry sponsored non-profit organization dedicated to improving the American quality of life through financial education and sound financial management.

General Public – Our American Community

  • ALL Classes are FREE.
  • Educate Yourself – It is Ultimately Your Responsible!
  • The BEST of the Financial Industry Is Teaching You.
  • You Are Under NO Obligation EVER.
  • Improve Your Quality of Life by Educating Yourself
  • Meet And SUPPORT the BEST
  • Establish Your Financial Independence
  • Face to Face Interaction
  • Receive Benefits form Class Completion
  • Set Yourself Up to Enjoy Your Retirement – Your Golden Years!

Financial Industry Professional

  • Educate the Community in Which You Live and Work
  • Distinguish Yourself – Be the Best!
  • Show the Consumer Who You Are. Be Proud of Your Profession.
  • Connect With the Individuals In Your Community
  • Create Relationships for Life.
  • Positively Impact Lives.
  • Positively Impact Our Society